Work for the best IT companies

Are you a specialist? Contact us. We offer work in the best IT companies.

We help reduce the time needed for recruitment

Our company was founded in response to the problem of prolonged recruitment. Most vendor companies do not provide technical interviews to pre-determine the level of experience of the candidate. Our recruiters are specialists in the field of IT.

Our candidates

We operate mainly on the basis of recommendations when finding the right candidate for the position. Our recruiters often know personally good specialists from the IT industry.

Technical interview

We conduct an internal technical interview to determine whether the candidate's profile matches the employer's requirements.


We provide our candidates with a lot of information about the company and the target project. Thanks to this, we send strong candidates and minimize the risk of resignation after starting work.

People who waste time waiting for the most favorable conditions to happen will never do anything. The best time to act is now!

— Mark Fisher, Businessman